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Who doesn't want publicity!

There are different means of deriving publicity but one of the most effective medium offline and online is through press releases. But it is never easy to write a press release. There are different components or elements that form a part of a press release and they are:

This is right at the top and is used for grabbing attention. It is also considered as a news summary.

This is an important aspect of any press release and it displays the date of release and the city of origin of the press release.

This is the first paragraph that provides a basic overview covering who, what, when, where and why.

This is the main content of a press release and provides information, statistics, and other details regarding the news.

This is a small "about us" section, where information of the company, the individual is provided.

This is the final piece in a press release and includes media contact information

Benefits of a Press Release

Press release is far more credible than most of the other methods of advertising. A press release as opposed to an advertisement is more in-depth, informative and precise.
A well-written press release will ensure that your website can get the right traffic and help in generating revenue.Simultaneously, it will also provide enough exposure to increase your website visibility.
A press release can build credibility like no other advertising medium.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

At SEO Hunts, we offer press release writing and distribution services. Alongwith the very important elements of press release writing, we also offer you evaluation, targeting and measurement of the impact of the press release.
We have an experienced team from the media industry who has the necessary expertise in writing and distribution of press releases. Our team can distribute your organization news through immaculately written press releases to individual journalists as well as key business investors and a large scale audience.
Contact us about the benefits we offer in press release writing and distribution.
We have different types of press release writing and distribution packages and each of them can be customized to suit your requirements first!
A basic press release writing and distribution package starts at $100 where your press release will be distributed to all the top targeted channels.


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