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Article submission is slowly becoming one of the critical components of SEO. A well written article with the right amount of keyword density will attract search engine spiders and thus increase your visibility on the web. At the end of the day, you will derive a dual benefit:

  • A good ROI
  • Constant targeted traffic

We at SEO Hunts offer both manual and automatic article submission services so that you can derive the dual benefits.

Article submission relevance has risen in popularity in the recent years for a couple of reasons. Keyword driven anchors, linking relevance and inbound link PageRank weighting all plays a role in this vital SEO technique. When you market an article to an external or internal page for ranking purposes, whether it be a topical hub or article directory, many facets of the article must be considered: where (what site) the article is submitted, where in the site (category relevance) it is submitted, what keywords are used, what anchor text is used and where it links to in your webpage. All of these factors can greatly increase or decrease ranking efficiency when you submit an article.

Loosely put, article submission is an Off Page factor where articles consisting of content related to your page are posted into other article submission pages. These can be blogs, forums and the like. If these pages have high PageRank, you can automatically create yourself an inbound link (One Way Link Building) from a page with a high PR. When looking to submit an article, you can create your own links back to your page by using keywords in your anchored text that correspond to the page you linking to. Make sure the article is relevant not only to your page, but to the section of the article site that you are submitting to. Some article directory submission sites are free (as more content helps their page build PageRank), and some which have a high PageRank actually charge a fee for article submission.

Where do I Submit my Article?

At SEO Hunts, we have implemented article submission as a key ingredient to our SEO formula. Istead of haphazardly marketing articles to a slough of low quality online article directories, we hand selct the websites and filter for only the highest criteria that will help your website rank better. Our ongoing research, live testing and networking give us multiple advantages. We know which article submission sites will increase ranking and conversely which ones may actually penalize your site. We have working relationships with some of the larger, more trusted pages where we can submit your articles. Further, we are aware of which article submission ‘pay’ sites are worth their weight and which are virtually useless. If you need assistance with article submission , feel free to contact us about your project here

We have a dedicated team of professionals from the industry who have a clear understanding of SEO and who have the necessary experience regarding article submission in different directories. Our team will handle two different aspects of your requirement:

  • Editing your articles to make it as per the requirement of article submission directories
  • To provide services that include writing article, searching and including appropriate keywords, and finally submission.

For the latter, we will not charge you anything extra for research or for finding appropriate keywords. Our aim is to provide you with high visibility over the web so that you can always keep a step ahead of competition.
We offer manual submissions, which can be time consuming but we have a dedicated team to take care of the submissions. The main reason behind manual submissions is the fact that some websites require us to create userid and password to initiate the opening of an account for article submission purposes. We can create a unique id for you or your company and submit article on behalf of you and also change the articles based on the different formats required by each submission directory.

Let SEO Hunts professional, ehtical article submision practices make the most of marketing your distributed content.


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